PC Pitstop has developed numerous free scans that diagnose virtually all PC stability, performance and security issues. If this problem will not be solved, I will remove completely HDS from this machine. Please, let me know how to configure HDS to be able to monitor raid1 array and also booth disks attached. Thanks for the report, yes, I checked and see. So indeed is a bug, but not in HDS. The second one disk GB and also resulted raid1 array is not displayed or monitored at all!!!

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Could be the one used for 64 bit OS vista, win7 or You should accept it as pure truth and make it working as advertised. Hope to via vt6421 vai fix for it.

CardBus PCMCIA 32 Bits SATA eSATA 2 Ports Via Vt6421

So, if you intend to modify the SATA settings via vt6421 the mode described by this release, click the download button, and make the desired changes. And also, I cannot see any offensive words The situation via vt6421 same under Win10x64 which installs an even newer driver automatically.

And another question appeared too: It looks like the issue is not a bug, but it is because the operating systems moved on since the driver for VT was made.

So personally I do not think you’ll see any difference under Windows too This way it is possible to check the actual situation: If you want to be transparent, display it for everybody in order people to be aware that something is wrong and HDS is not working as expected. Unfortunately VT is via vt6421 legacy, end-of-life chipset and will not receive any via vt6421 update via vt6421. Raid controller is displaying booth disks as well as Hard Disk Sentinel See pictures attached, confirming this That’s the reason I’ve attached report here!

Please, let me know how to configure HDS to be able to monitor raid1 array and also booth disks via vt6421. Personally I did not via vt6421 under Win x64, but checked all possible versions under Win7x64, Win8x64 and Win10x64 I checked the driver from both 5.

CardBus PCMCIA 32 Bits SATA eSATA 2 Ports Via Vt | eBay

So, consider it as a bug report, no matter if is full version or trial, via vt6421 from 4. Prior to Driver Matic, all drivers had to be installed differently and required significant user involvement. Did not tested on W Server, but probably this driver will work there too even viatech.

Now with Driver Matic, a PC can have up to date drivers automatically. Of via vt6421 I refer the via vt6421 bit drivers – as 32 via vt6421 drivers do not install under 64 bit Windows at all.

But as you can see, the driver does not report the status – even to the VIA tool. Normally, if working on w2k bit version, it should work on w2k8-r bit Previously you did not send developer report. To be honest, I’m not surprised From adding new functionality and improving performanceto fixing a major bug.

That’s the reason I post in a forum and did not contacted on private. Hopefully both hard disks will appear with their via vt6421 status.

VIA VT RAID Controller Driver Download – PC Pitstop Driver Library

Please check this page and via vt6421 the VIA specific driver package: If this via vt6421 will not be solved, I will remove completely HDS from this machine. But I can confirm that this driver also works similarly: The answer is Bia. This is true for other RAID controllers eg.

I’m still investigating the possibilities and do the best, but not sure if we can have a solution without the driver update – which will never happen, according the official response about the end-of-life viaa of this controller. I’d more than happy if this would be a bug in Hard Disk Sentinel.

But with 64 bit OS, when the 64 bit drivers installed, the driver provides complete status only of one device. Installed w2k bit via vt6421, rebooted the via vt6421