This website uses cookies. The Acer notebook As can be seen the C clearly possesses the strongest CPU. We measured the emission volume at between During this test websites are automatically loaded at second intervals.

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STEP 16 Start separating the top cover from the bottom cover.

However, things don’t look so bad if you want to play games that demand less of the hardware, satwllite toshiba satellite c870 the FIFA series. Running at full capacity with Prime95 and FurMark runningthe volume rises to Overall, the incher is slowed by its hard drive. Toshiba Satellite Pro L The main keys have a surface of 15 x 17 mm 0.

Toshiba Satellite C CD C CD disassembly

Both inchers are outfitted with a month warranty. The CPU temperature levels off at around 67 degrees Celsius The touchpad has the same ribbed surface as the toshiba satellite c870 rest. The C’s Windows system didn’t make us very happy.

Fire up the latest multicore processors and you’ll see that you have all the tools-plus more than enough workspace-to complete any business task. Up to 5 hours Dependent on usage Dimensions: The difference will be immediately obvious.

Turn toshiba satellite c870 laptop upside down and continue separating the bottom cover from the rest of the laptop. Our review reveals whether that’s true or not. Our test programs often required a system reboot to install. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. If you use the DVD drive, the volume goes up to tosjiba All user-created or toshiba satellite c870 data and programs are mercilessly deleted.

The Satellite Pro CR in our stress test.

HD Tune records an average transfer rate of If you need to replace the screen, check out my next toshiba satellite c870. The Toshiba Satellite Pro can be recommended solely for the office.

The pad has multi-touch capabilities. Out of the two competitors, only the Samsung notebook possesses a matte display. At half capacity 3D Mark 06 runningwith a volume of Toshiba xatellite the Skype software as well.

Toshiba satellite c870 hard drive exchange could be done quickly and easily. The touchpad has multi-touch functionality. The results of the 3D Mark benchmarks lie toshiba satellite c870 the expected range.

Review Toshiba Satellite Pro C870 Notebook

The back side of the lid is easily gripped. Here one simply selects the option “Repair computer”. The touchpad could have been bigger; there would have been more than enough room.

At full capacity Prime95 and FurMark running simultaneously the power consumption rates of tkshiba the C and the Acer device rise to After that lift up and remove the hard drive from the laptop. It is not possible to open the notebook using just one hand; the hinges are too tightly adjusted for toshiba satellite c870.