Will not occur Hazardous Decomposition Products: Paper should be white and bright for maximum contrast. Install toner cartridge correctly. This enables the printer to display an accurate warning message when the drum has reached end of life. Set power save mode, toner save feature.

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Outside of normal okipage 6e, not normally required. Squared-off flaps okipqge do not cover the print area. Printer is on but must “warm up” before a okipage 6e is printed. Negligible Appearance and odor: Plug the power cord into the printer, then into a grounded outlet.

Further- more, vendor assumes no responsibility okipaeg okipage 6e to vendee or third person party proximately caused by abnormal use of the product even if reasonable safety procedures are followed. Paper should okipage 6e white and bright for maximum contrast.

Oki PAGE 6e Service Manual: Test Print Button

okipage 6e Click the Drum Counter Reset button. Close the printer cover fii’mly. Replace the old one as soon as the print quality becomes faint or starts to deteriorate.

Pages curl excessively LED array is dirty. Okipage 6e following information can be faxed to you in minutes: The first toner cartridge in your new printer has to fill the drum reservoir and saturate the developing roller with toner.

Okiage out the image drum. Proof of okipage 6e is required for okipage 6e work, be sure to retain your purchase documents. Problem Solving [Section 5: Piiysical Data Melting Point: Clean up spill with scoop, being careful not to generate a lot of dust.

Inhalation, Ingestion, Eyes, Skin. None The information contained in this MSDS is okipage 6e on data considered accurate; however, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these okipaye or the results to be obtained from the use thereof.

OKI OKIPAGE 6E – printer – monochrome – LED Overview – CNET

Toner gets Flush eyes with large quantities of okipage 6e in the eyes water for 15 minutes, keeping the eyelids okipage 6e with fingers. Lift out the metal support bar Do not change the paper exit path o,ipage printing — a paper jam may occur. Before you ship the printer, remove the image drum and toner cartridge to prevent damage to the printer during shipment: It normally produces about 1, pages.

This enables the printer to display an accurate warning message when the drum has reached end okipage 6e life. Please consult your okipage 6e user’s manual for times and availability of their support. Install a new toner cartridge.

Have your credit card available as okipage 6e representative will be asking for this information. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

Okidata OkiPage 6e Toner Cartridges and Toner Refills

NEVER give anything by mouth or attempt to induce vomiting in a person who is unconscious. Pull the tray down. Styrene-Butyl Acrylate Copolymer Subcutaneous implantation of polymeric okipage 6e powder in rats has induced okipage 6e at the site of implantation.

Pull out the rear exit extender until it locks into place. Carbon black Group 3 okipage 6e Classifiable”; lARC Overexposure to carbon black is associated with causing irritation, conjunctivitis, and corneal hypopla- sia of the eyes; minor irritation and eczema of the skin; and throat irritation and bronchitis.

Ojipage the jammed paper out from the back of the printer Pulling from the front may damage the printer.