There’s no automatic duplexer, but it does have both wired and wireless network interfaces. The combination makes it a good fit for micro and home offices, as well making it a more comfortable desktop companion as a personal printer in any size office. The printer only has a single-line monochrome LCD, but this is good enough for changing basic settings, navigating the contents of flash drives and locking settings access. Prints the underside of paper in tray, so it can easily print the missing alternate pages of a series of many pages, thereby printing on both sides and saving paper top towards the front. Fastest Mobile Networks Consistently printing above the recommended print volume, however, may adversely affect the print quality or life of the machine. I also saw some banding, but only in default mode, and minor posterization shading changing suddenly where it should change gradually.

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In any case, the less expensive, and smaller, HLCW offers similar speed and output quality even though it’s based on an entirely different hl 3070cw. It still has quite a deep footprint. The sheet tray with 1-sheet manual feed should be sufficient for most small or home offices, but no duplexer is available for automatic printing on both sides of hl 3070cw page, and no additional trays available to add more capacity.

Brother’s HLCW colour LED printer may boast a comparatively new technology, but at the end of the day, it looks and performs like most laser hl 3070cw. Depending on how much of a perfectionist you hl 3070cw, you may or 30070cw not consider the graphics good enough for output like PowerPoint handouts.

The only issue I have is when printing from iPhone or iPad, if I use the Brother App it’s fine but if I just try to print from other apps I can’t choose the laser, it sees my Brother MFP fine hl 3070cw I think because the laser is sleeping it’s not recognised. Very much on the plus side is Brother’s one-year warranty, with Brother paying the cost of shipping both ways. According to Brother, depending on how early in the day technical support determines you have a problem it can’t fix by phone, the replacement will usually arrive in one to three business days along with instructions for returning the non-working printer.

I’m hoping to get a good few years out of this machine. Fastest Mobile Networks For maximum printer life, it is best to choose a printer with a duty cycle that far exceeds your print requirements. The printer defaults to its own ad-hoc network, which can hl 3070cw changed by running the wireless setup assistant hl 3070cw from the install disc.

Printing larger volumes – which few people need to do – would soon get expensive, hl 3070cw. Other Issues One potential issue for the HLCW is its limited paper handling, which pegs the hl 3070cw for relatively light-duty use.

Brother HL-3070CW review

If you need better paper handling, or plan to print many pages, you’ll certainly want to compare the HLCW with the DN, with a particular eye on the running cost. That said, if you want a printer that’s smaller, hl 3070cw, and cheaper than the Hl 3070cw, but faster than the W, the HLCW may be just what you need, particularly if you hl 3070cw expect to print enough for 3070cq cost per page be an issue. This website is using cookies. See Shipping Policy for details and conditions. The HLCW’s hl 3070cw is one of its strongest points.

Xerox DP 20 lb.

Colour photos suffered from a green bias that made skin tones look faintly seasick and many other subjects dull. As a side note, it’s worth mention hl 3070cw although Brother has technically discontinued the HLCN since I hl 3070cw it, as a practical matter it’s effectively upgraded it.

Brother HLCW Specs – CNET

Read more Hl 3070cw Laser printers. Carton Dimensions W”xD”xH” However, the first printer, the HLCNwas very much on the big and heavy side, at And if you don’t need the HLCW’s speed, you might be better off with the less expensive and cheaper to run W.

It’s not great for printing colour photos because they come out quite dark, so expect some trial and error hl 3070cw you get acceptable results.

I installed 3070ce on a wired network using Windows Vista. Anyway I hl 3070cw it set up wirelessly hidden in a hl 3070cw, it was a little difficult to set up but nows it works great with all my computers, prints quickly, quietly and great quality.

Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate.

Maximum number of printed pages hl 3070cw month and can be used to compare designed durability between like Brother products. Printers that shipped before Windows 7 and OS X Contact Support In order to best assist you, please use one of the channels below to contact the Brother support gl.

This yields a hl 3070cw running cost of The printer has worked without problems in the two weeks I’ve owned it.