Read the ” Pre-installation instructions You need to open the server before you can install upgrade components. If you are thinking of buying one as a server for your business, don’t put it where you will depend on it – because if it ever goes wrong, you’ll have gone bust before the spare parts arrived. There were some pages on their Chinese website, but these are now gone. This product should never be placed near or over a radiator or heat register, or in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided. At the very bottom of a big box i. The pins in more detail.

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Go to page 31 for instructions. Install the new memory module. Turning On The System Turning on the system After making sure that you have properly set up the system, applied power, and connected all the necessary peripherals, acer altos g330 mk2 can now power on the system.

Acer Altos G Mk2 Server Info

Case Open – Being a server, if you open the case, next time you reboot the aktos will complain and halt the bootup. Floppy Configuration The Floppy Configuration submenu displays the type of floppy acer altos g330 mk2 drive installed in the server. Prepare the new blank HDD carrier for installation.

Keep this document for future reference. Pre-installation Instructions, Post-installation Instructions Pre-installation instructions Perform the steps below before you open the server or before you remove or replace any component. Sign up to gain exclusive acer altos g330 mk2 to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

Remove the new acer altos g330 mk2 module from its protective packaging, handling it by the edges. When new and with only one or two aceer drives fitted, these are nice quiet machines, with the fans rarely going faster than their minimum speed.

You will aacer to run this utility under the following conditions. Russian regulatory certification compliance ESD precautions Electrostatic discharge G3330 can damage static-sensitive hardware components, such as the processor, disk drives, and the system boards.

Noise – All the fans acer altos g330 mk2 the machine are four pin speed controlled types, meaning the noise varies depending on how hot the machine gets. Select Initialize from the Management menu. To turn on the system, press the power button on the front panel.

Acer Altos G330 MK2 Series User Manual

There is no provision in the bios for any form acer altos g330 mk2 overclocking, timing or voltage adjustment. Installing an expansion card This section explains how to install an expansion card. Visit the Acer website for more information on this server. So why not replace the graphics card?

Acer Altos G330 Mk2 Server

If necessary, remove any cables that prevent acr to the DIMM slots. Below these is the one external 3. But put a graphics acer altos g330 mk2 in the x16 slot and the performance will not be as good as you might expect, if indeed the machine boots at all.

Procedures for connecting peripherals are also explained. Boot Menu Boot menu The Boot acer altos g330 mk2 allows you to set the drive priority acer altos g330 mk2 system boot-up. Tips and information for comfortable use Computer users may complain of eyestrain and headaches after prolonged use.

Component troubleshooting Listed below are specific problems that may arise during the use of your server and their possible solutions. On Board Graphics – The on-board graphics is at best only adequate for 2D and Windows use, and simply is not up to gaming use.

Acer Altos G Specs – CNET

The caddies removed from their plastic bags. One 92mm four pin fan with finger guard already attached, one bag of fixing pins.

Page 29 Component TOP: Install the new 5. G Mk2 Part Number: If you need to replace the power cord set, make sure that the new power cord meets the following requirements: