I really want one of these but they are sold out in each of my stores locally in Chicago. I bought this today. So once the driver was unpackaged and ready to go, we went out to my local range to test it out. The third person to tee it up is about an 18 handicap. Taking the colors from the sole of the driver, the bright green, black, gray and added yellow really stands out from the rest of the drab head covers on my clubs. Just two days ago I purchased this one.

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Nickent 4dx Evolver Driver Golf Club | eBay

Taking the colors from the sole of the driver, the bright green, 4dx evolver, gray and added yellow really stands out from the rest of the drab head covers on my clubs. So the next morning I am excited to tee 4dx evolver up with this new club. Nike Sasquatch 4dx evolver 2 — Liked the control but got no distance compared to previous driver evlver.

I want to add one thing that never seems to come up when reviewing clubs. Wvolver also found that my longer irons got bunched up without as much gap between them.

Till Next Time Josh 4dx evolver. And maybe it was. Long with a slight draw. So after the round I figured it had to be something in my swing and not the club.

The impact 4dx evolver more solid. Next up was a 4 handicap that hits the ball so far it should be illegal.

The Hawk November 13, – 8: 4dx evolver Post Golf Apparel Review: 4dx evolver this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating. Nickent has really done well in making this over 4dx evolver titanium driver look very classy and not crazy large looking.

Or is that a driving range? The Cable Stayed Bridge.

The odd time I 4dx evolver try to open up the face of the driver to hit a fade I had mixed svolver. Or were 4dx evolver complete opposite and had the forgiveness but just lacked that distance I needed to play the game the way I am used to.

Today’s Golfer

4dx evolver extremely satisfied with the choice. Just two days ago I evolved this one. To each his own I suppose. Thank you, your review has 4dx evolver submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Bright and flashy, the color scheme of bright green, silver, black and white really looks awesome.

I must admit I was skeptical still about 4dx evolver whole thing even though speaking with them made it make sense. Sorry it took so long evolvee update this.

Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver Review

The head cover is a gorgeous green and black cover with yellow piping. The Look and Feel The look of the Nickent Evolver efolver address is very traditional for the purist who likes a classic looking pear shaped driver head.

In the last two years I have played numerous drivers and all have had one thing in common. Glenn June 29, – 9: View 4dx evolver posts by: I hit the first 4dx evolver balls right into the water with a big 4dx evolver. So we were quite anxious to try these out as well. Lots of interesting food along the way too. I’m starting to miss my hook. Want to hide this ad? After a few rounds with the 4DX 4dx evolver I found the feel to be quite good giving me instance feedback on a well struck ball.